Saving Energy With Business Phone Services

Saving Energy With Business Phone Services

What to Know about Asbestos Removal and Disposal Kits for Your Home

by Randy De Knegt

When you purchased your vintage home, you may have had an inspection done. In some cases, these inspections will come up with an asbestos inspection. Depending on when you purchased the home, and the kind of inspections you had performed, you may have been told that there was asbestos but it would be fine as long as it was not removed improperly. Now you may be considering removing the asbestos using a kit in order to avoid costly removal and disposal options. Before you do, there are a few things you should know about these types of asbestos disposal and removal kits.

Safety Gear is not Included

One of the key things to keep in mind when you use an asbestos removal kit is that safety gear is not included. This means your safety glasses, safety clothing, and breathing filters are all bought separately. You have to make sure that, when you purchase the safety equipment, you are getting items rated for asbestos safety. This is to ensure you are avoiding breathing in asbestos dust, dirt, and debris. This is especially true when you are dealing with broken tiles or areas where you aren't sure if an item is asbestos or not.

Notification Rules

Something your kit may not tell you is that you need to notify your neighbours that you are removing asbestos from the home. This is a task that is detailed by the Department of Environment and Conservation. In addition to informing people in the immediate area of the removal, you also need to inform the landfill or dump site that will be accepting the asbestos. They will need to prepare for the arrival of the asbestos and may need to take additional safety precautions. This could mean scheduling a specific time for drop-off as well.  

Size of Removal

One of the things you may not know is that commercial asbestos removal kits available to the public are scaled for different projects and sizes. For example, you may find kits that are specifically for a certain amount of square feet or for certain types of asbestos, like tiles. Make sure you are using a kit that fits the needs of your particular removal project.

These considerations may lead you to the choice of using a professional removalist service, such as Total Asbestos Services. If you do choose to use an asbestos disposal service, you can rest easy knowing the asbestos will be removed and disposed of properly and safely. This reduces the health concern for you and your family.


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