Saving Energy With Business Phone Services

Saving Energy With Business Phone Services

School Shade Sails: The exclusive guide to purchasing a shade sail

by Randy De Knegt

Schools and childcare facilities need to provide a conducive environment for the kids there. Children are playful, but letting them run around in the blazing sun can be dangerous for their health. The harmful UV rays and intense heat from the sun can in the end lead to health complications for children. That is one of the reasons that led to the popularity of shade sails. These structures aim to provide a cool shade even in the hottest of days. If you're heading a school, then you need to know more about them so as to pick the best ones.

Benefits of shade sails

Shade sails can benefit schools in many different ways.

UV protection

These sails can filter up to 98.8% of UV rays from the sun, thereby reducing the risk of your child contracting skin cancer. Additionally, the shade creates a cool place that the kids can use for various activities such as eating, resting and doing their homework.

Stylistic appeal

These shades come in a myriad of designs. You'll be spoilt for choice, and it'll be very easy to pick out a style that blends in with the school's architecture. A common design is to use multiple shade sails to create aesthetically pleasing patterns that would even impress the kids.

Enjoyable events

Shade sails are also a very good tool when it comes to hosting events. You'll be able to keep the visitors well-sheltered during the displays.

Considerations before getting a shade sail

Different schools have varying needs that have to be incorporated before making a decision.

Size, shape and design

The size of the school could give you a pretty good idea of how large you want the shade sail to be. You could also decide on getting numerous smaller shade sails, depending on your preferences. The design of the shade sails is solely about preferences, and with an infinite selection, you'll definitely get one that pleases you.

Waterproof properties

Another major factor you need to be aware of is the waterproof capabilities. If the school is in a wet climate and you also want to guard against the rain, and then pick a waterproof fabric. However, you don't have to use waterproof sails, especially if you're erecting them permanently on grass. The fabric needs to allow water through to keep the grass growing. Additionally, if the sails allow air through them, then they will create a cooling effect for the people underneath.

Contact a professional provider, like Shades of Blue Shade Sails, to discuss your needs and compare them to your available options.


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