Saving Energy With Business Phone Services

Saving Energy With Business Phone Services

3 Surprising Benefits of Having a Thick, Healthy Lawn

by Randy De Knegt

A thick, green, lush, healthy lawn is very attractive outside of any home, but as a homeowner, you may struggle to keep your lawn healthy and may neglect its overall upkeep and care. You also may not be overly concerned about the appearance of your home, but may also not realize the actual benefits of the grass or turf on your property. Before you go another weekend with big brown patches on your lawn or large bare spots that you think aren't very important, note a few surprising benefits of having a healthy lawn of green grass.

1. Soil erosion

The grass of your lawn acts as a blanket for the soil and helps to keep moisture locked underneath. This moisture cuts down on the amount of dust in the air, and along with dust, pollutants and irritants. Having a thick lawn that keeps moisture in the soil can also mean having healthy flowers and shrubbery, as these need well-watered roots to grow. Note too that your home cannot be supported by dusty soil as dry soil is somewhat weak, so having healthy soil that is moist and strong can mean less risk of the home's foundation shifting and in turn, cracks in the walls and ceilings.

2. Chemical decomposition

The soil of your property will collect irritants such as pesticides and pollution that is in the air and which settles onto the ground. These things will be more likely to decompose when you have a healthy lawn, as thick grass better supports insects, earthworms, fungi, and other helpful creatures and what are called micro-fauna that break down these hurtful chemicals. These chemicals will decompose better when you have a thick lawn, so that the air and the ground itself is cleaner.

3. Temperature moderation

Grass actually helps to cool the surface of the ground as heat dissipates over its surface. It protects the ground from direct sunlight, absorbing the sun's rays for its own growth. This may not sound important, but when you have a thick, lush lawn, you may actually pay less in cooling costs for a home or building during summer months. Consider how hot it can be inside a cabin by the beach versus a cabin on a campground, and you may better understand how grass absorbs heat and keeps an area cool. To keep your home cool and comfortable during summer, fill in those bare or brown patches with fresh turf or sod and keep your lawn healthy and green.


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Saving Energy With Business Phone Services

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