Saving Energy With Business Phone Services

Saving Energy With Business Phone Services

3 Common Bore Well Drilling Methods

by Randy De Knegt

You may be considering drilling a bore well on your property in order to augment the municipal supply that you use and you do not know which method would be the best for drilling that bore well. Read on and learn some of the available methods that you can select from when you contact a well drilling professional.

Using an Auger

A hand auger has extendable rods that are rotated by a handle. Several drill bits can be attached to the bottom part of the auger so that as the handle is rotated then the tripod holding up the entire mechanism lowers it into the ground. The augers are raised to be emptied once the drilled material (sand, for example) fills them. The advantages of this method are that the equipment is cheap and it is easy to use in places where the water table is high. The biggest shortcoming of this method is that it is not easy to remove the temporary casing that is installed to prevent the bored hole from caving in.

Using Jetting

This method relies on water pressure to erode materials so that a hollow core is created. Large volumes of water are forced down a drill pipe using a pump. As the drill pipe rotates, the water erodes and mixes with the dislodged clay or sand and it is sucked up to the surface as the drill pipe moves up and down. Additives can be put in the water to thicken it so that the drilled hole does not collapse. The downside of this method is that it is not easy to know when the underground water has been reached. The method is only applicable in areas with clay or sand since those materials can be dislodged by water. The advantage of jetting is that it is very fast in sandy soils.

Using Mechanical Methods

A variety of rotary or percussion (hitting one object against another) tools are mounted on rigs and operated by a machine in order to drill into the ground. These methods are very effective when you want to drill to great depths because they are strong enough to bore through different materials. The downside is that you will spend a significant amount of money to rent the equipment and pay the operators.

You should discuss the methods above with a bore water drilling professional so that you select the one that is most suited to your specific situation.


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