When Problems With Your Air Conditioner May Not Be From Your Air Conditioner

When your home’s air conditioner stops working altogether, of course you want to call a repairperson and have him or her examine the motor or blower, and note if either part has worn out and needs replacing. However, not all problems with the air conditioner are actually the fault of the air conditioning unit itself. While only a repairperson can actually tell you the problem after inspecting the unit and your home, you might want to note a few other potential problems that may need addressing before you call them to your home.

1. When the air just doesn’t feel cool enough

In some cases, the air conditioner may need a recharge or refrigerant, but your home’s vents may also be very dirty and clogged. When this is true, the cool air can’t push through the vents as easily. Additionally, all that dust and debris in the vents may absorb some of the cool air so that it’s not as cold when it reaches the rooms of your home. Note if the grills to the home’s ductwork seem dusty and dirty and if so, this may signal that the vents need cleaning.

2. When the unit keeps switching off

If the unit switches off before the home is cool enough, this may be a problem with the thermostat and not the air conditioner. Your thermostat may need calibrating, so that it can read the home’s temperature accurately. It may also be that the wiring to the air conditioner is not able to handle its demands and, in turn, a failsafe switch in the unit may switch off when it realizes it’s overloading the wiring. If there is debris around the unit, this can cause it to overheat since it cannot circulate air to keep the motor and blower cool, and this too may cause it to switch off automatically.

3. When only some rooms seem cool

Note that the air conditioner will be controlled by the thermostat; if the room where the thermostat is located is well-shaded and well-insulated, the thermostat may read the temperature as being very cool and the air conditioner switches off. In other rooms, you may be allowing in strong sunlight that makes the room very warm, or the rooms may not be very insulated and this too allows in excess heat. You may need to simply add window tinting to those rooms or a new layer of insulation to keep them cool. It may also be that the air conditioner unit is simply not strong enough to reach all the far rooms of your home, and you may need to upgrade to something with a stronger blower.

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