Saving Energy With Business Phone Services

Saving Energy With Business Phone Services

Services Offered By An Urban Planner

by Randy De Knegt

If you are trying to build a commercial development such as a new set of flats or a business centre, you will likely need to consult with an urban planner to ensure that you are in compliance with all zoning, environmental and building regulations in your state. As this is your first experience with an urban planner, here are some of the services these professional can offer you.

Urban Planning -- There are quite a few services that fall under the umbrella of 'urban planning,' which is why these companies are so valuable when it comes to helping you understand and comply with all the rules of commercial building. An urban planner can help you choose the right site for your project, taking into account your building needs as well as the ecological and environmental factors that best match what you want to construct. They can also negotiate with the local council in your area as well as with neighborhood groups that may be concerned about the impact your project will have on the community. If you are called in to a regulatory hearing regarding your urban project, an urban planner can offer expert testimony and coaching that can help ensure you provide the information required to obtain building approval.

Urban Design -- Urban planners can also offer you urban design services, which incorporate things such as preparing environmental impact reports, designing your commercial project, analyzing how the design of your project will impact existing streets and roads and ensuring that your building has the proper safeguards to minimize pollution and noise during and after construction. Urban design isn't just about generating blueprints, it's a comprehensive service that helps you create a design scheme that factors in all the ways in which your project will change and transform the area in which you are developing.

Social Planning -- Social planning is a service in which your urban planner will analyze the neighborhood or community where you are building to identify what concerns local groups have regarding your proposed project, and how to best handle those issues to mitigate potential conflicts down the road. Urban planners often hold focus groups and conduct meetings with community leaders to exchange ideas and information and to understand the major concerns related to your project. They will often be the liaisons between you and community leaders to facilitate one on one meetings and to solicit suggestions on how your project can be made more attractive to those who are expressing concern. In many instances, urban planners are able to push the idea of creating new jobs or building new housing as positive aspects of your development.


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Saving Energy With Business Phone Services

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