Saving Energy With Business Phone Services

Saving Energy With Business Phone Services

Common Mistakes Made By Those Trying to Recycle Metal for Cash

by Randy De Knegt

Recycling has become a very big business in many areas, as consumers may look for products made with a certain percentage of recycled material and as more people become aware of how discarded trash affects the environment. This can allow someone to actually make money from collecting metal and other materials, as recycling centers often pay cash for these pieces. If you're thinking of recycling items for cash, you might note a few common mistakes to avoid. This will ensure you get the most money and have the most success with your new endeavor.

Not cleaning your scrap

Cleaning your scrap doesn't mean hosing it down; it means removing wires, rubber pieces, and even paint as much as possible. This is because scrap metal is often graded according to whether or not it has anything attached to it. When you bring metal to a recycling center, they will usually weigh the piece and give you cash according to the weight. If your metal has anything attached to it, the pieces are typically downgraded in value, as some of that weight will include items that cannot be used by the recycling center. Bringing in bare metal that is clean of anything on it will usually mean a higher grade and, in turn, a higher price paid.

Not separating your metals

It's good to know the different types of metals that are accepted by a recycling facility and then separate and sort your scrap accordingly. If you bring in a box or cart of mixed metals, you might be paid the amount of the lowest quality or least desirable metal in the pile. However, sorting your materials and separating copper from brass, steel, and the like can mean a higher price paid for various types of metal and more money in your pocket.

Not securing your scrap

Since scrap metal can easily be turned into any recycling facility for cash, you need to secure your scrap just as you would anything else of value. Keep in mind that while a recycling center may ask for proof of ownership for things like junked cars or shopping carts, someone else can easily take your boxes of scrap metal to a facility and make money from your hard work of collecting that scrap. Be discreet about the metal you may bring home before you take it to a facility and be sure you keep it in a locked garage or storage facility if needed.


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