Saving Energy With Business Phone Services

Saving Energy With Business Phone Services

  • Landscaping Supplies That Can Protect Your Property and Soil

    When you shop for landscape supplies, you may be thinking of how to make your yard and property look its best. While it's true that certain trees, shrubbery and other such landscaping features can enhance your home's curb appeal, certain supplies can also protect the property and the soil. When planning your landscaping and shopping for supplies, note a few you may want to include in order to have a healthy yard, not just an attractive yard.

  • Septic Tanks And Floods: Two Things You Need To Know Before Summer Storms Arrive

    Queensland is a popular place to live due to its beautiful coastal beaches and overall warm climate. However, Queensland is also well known for extreme weather during the annual summer storms. As the new owner of a Queensland property that contains a septic tank, you need to know how the flooding from these storms can affect both your health and your property. Become septic tank wise before the summer arrives, so you can keep your family safe from any danger.

  • Simple Tips and Tests for Maintaining Fire Equipment

    When you're in charge of a commercial facility of any sort, you want to ensure you maintain your fire equipment regularly. Most building owners or business managers know to have the fire extinguishers checked and refilled at least twice per year so they're functional and ready for use, but there is much more that you should be doing to ensure the safety of your building's occupants and staff in the event of a fire.

  • What to Know about Asbestos Removal and Disposal Kits for Your Home

    When you purchased your vintage home, you may have had an inspection done. In some cases, these inspections will come up with an asbestos inspection. Depending on when you purchased the home, and the kind of inspections you had performed, you may have been told that there was asbestos but it would be fine as long as it was not removed improperly. Now you may be considering removing the asbestos using a kit in order to avoid costly removal and disposal options.

  • Common Types of Soil Contaminants

    Soil is a valuable resource for applications such as farming and construction of residential and commercial buildings. Unfortunately, the quality of the land can be compromised through pollution resulting from anthropogenic activities. In simple terms, soil contamination refers to the presence of hazardous materials, usually man-made, in the soil. These alter the natural physical and chemical properties of the land, leading to a decline in the soil quality and environmental degradation.

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Saving Energy With Business Phone Services

When people talk about saving energy, they often get bogged down in the same topics – seal your drafty home, install a programmable thermostat, paint your roof white and similar tips are often shared. However, there are other ways to save energy. My name is Gina, and I run a small office. However, recently, I decided to let all of my team telecommute from home. They no longer waste fuel driving to work, which is great for the environment, and it is all possible thanks to phone systems that make it look like we are all in the same office. I also do other environmental things for my company. If you want tips or ideas on being more environmentally friendly with your business, check out these posts and enjoy.